Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ranch life

We always enjoy going down to The Cowboy's place (Miah's brother). He and his super awesome wife Angi, live on a ranch and it is always a blast to visit. Coming home this last time was rough and I have been itching for the small town feeling ever since. Smaller towns seem much less worried about all the worldly stuff and much more centered on family. Someday Miah, someday.

Angi- I thoroughly enjoyed the cow milking experience (or at least watching it) and am still upset I ruined our attempt at home made butter. Next time I won't use a whole gallon of salt:)

Thanks guys for letting our nutty little family stay with you. Our kids were so sad to come home and have continually reminded us how much cooler your ranch is than our boring little farm.


Nicole said...

That's so pretty, where is it? I'm from a small town myself (only 84 kids graduated from my high school!) and I know just what you mean :)

Erin Bradley said...

it's called moore. it's in emery county, about 45 minutes past price.