Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sugar Overload

Thanks Afton for being my little helper in the kitchen today (and everyday). We had so much fun making COOKIES and JAMMIN to music. I had to blog about it so there is PROOF out there that I do cook......okay maybe just BAKE.

Then this little guy woke up and joined in on the FUN!..........and made an EXTRA big mess.

In true "Erin fashion" I almost ate this WHOLE plate of cookies.

Recipe for Mom & Afton's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies;

1 pkg. yellow cake mix
1 cup quick-cooking rolled oats
3/4 cup butter softened
2 eggs
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

Afton wanted to make KID cookies so we stole the recipe for these yummy cookies off my sis-in-law Megan's blog Confessions of a Bake-aholic. GOOD!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All about Afton

So Afton says to me the other morning "Mom, remember your manners and get me cereal". I laughed pretty hard and went to write that down in our book of "Funnies". I came across a father/daughter interview from about 3 months ago that goes like this;

Miah: Afton what are some things you like?
Afton: family, chocolate milk, and donuts.

Miah: What are some things you are scared of?
Afton: Bears, witches, lions, and snakes....... but I like polar bears, babies and chairs.

Miah: Why should we be nice?
Afton: Because Jesus, Heavenly Father, Mary and Santa Claus want us to be nice.

Miah: What makes you happy?
Afton: I like my family makes me happy......and polar bears.

Miah: What are you thankful for?
Afton: My family, Quinny and Joseph.

Miah: What do you like about Dad?
Afton: I like for him to ummm do stuff for me.

Miah: What do you like about Mom?
Afton: I like when she gets me donuts and chocolate milk.

M: What do you like about Hudson?
A: I like him to be funny.

M: What are your favorite things to do?
A: I like to cook donuts and chocolate milk and eggs.

M: What don't you like Mom to do?
A: I don't like her to cut paper because scissors are so dangerous for her.

M: What are you proud of?
A: I'm proud if I take a little bite of Hudson I say sorry.

M: What do you want to do when you are older?
A: I want to run across the street.

I then pop my head in the room as if I was NOT evesdropping and tell Afton how proud I am of her and how she has been such an angel in our family. She then asks me why she is in our family and not Seth and Megan's. I ask her if she would rather be in their lame, boring, no fun family (so maybe i'm a little jealous) and she snotily says " I don't know, pretty sure".

Even if she's not too sure about us we sure love her!

Friday, March 6, 2009


I was very surprised today to get on my blog and see that an IMPOSTOR had gotten on and written some very false information below under the title "Evil or Just Not Nice". I know that none of you fell for it and know that I am not THAT cruel.

So for THE REAL story; Yes my husband has been sick and yes I felt bad for him the FIRST ten days he coughed his brains out in my ear while I was trying to sleep. We are now going on 2 weeks and MAYBE I am a bit sick of him being sick. I know all you girls can sympathize with me on this one........sorry men (I should probably refer to them as BOYS on this subject), but the cold hard facts are YOU ARE BABIES WHEN YOU ARE SICK!!!

When the IMPOSTOR wrote that I tried to kick him out of bed that was not ENTIRELY true. He and his friends had a guys night out so the kids and I fell asleep in my bed watching a movie. He didn't get home until 12:30 and let me just say.... not gracefully so. He was LOUD and turned all the lights on and yes of course the coughing...... ALWAYS the coughing. Needless to say he successfully woke all of us up, even the Neilson's who live next door. So I KINDLY hinted that it would be a lot easier for one person to sleep else where than for the three of us to have to move. Somehow he missed (or just rudely ignored) my KIND hint, so sure enough I had to take both kids upstairs and sleep the three of us on a little twin sized bed. What a wife.....RIGHT???

I do love my IMPOSTOR /Husband(even if he did change my password on my blog so I couldn't erase his post, gosh I didn't even know he knew we had a blog), cough, or no cough!.....Preferably no cough.

I am really starting to think that the whole what goes around comes around is for real. I have been COUGHING the whole time while writing this post.

Evil or Just Not Nice

So as many of you know I like my sleep. In fact I can get very grumpy if I don't get at least 9 hours. Well for the last week my husband has been sick. He doesn't ever complain or act like anything is different. The past 3 nights however have been rough for me. I say rough for me because he hasn't been able to sleep because of the cough, soar throat and the throwing up and it wakes me up. You see I have been spoiled lately because he puts the kids to bed each night and often stays with them the whole night to make it so I can get my sleep. I have a giant bed all to myself and I can sleep through the night while he shares a twin bed with the two kicking children. It isn't that big a deal since he has to wake up at 6 AM to leave for work anyway. Well this is all normal at our house, but the other night I think I may have actually crossed the line and I thought I would ask for some of you, the readers of this blog, what your opinion was of this:

Thursday night Jeremiah was sick and coughing and vomiting and tossing and turning so much that it kept waking me up so I kindly asked him if he would sleep on the couch so I could get all my sleep. He thought it was rude. I just thought since he was uncomfortable anyway than why should I have to suffer also.

Is that evil?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Afternoon walk with Lady

I tried to take our baby horse Lady on a walk today but I only got about two houses down before I had to turn around and come home. I guess I will continue to work on the cowgirl thing.