Friday, November 14, 2008

I loved today for I got to be a mother and wife.
I loved today for I got to live in such a beautiful world.
I loved today for I got to wake up to a smiley boy and a sweet girl.
I loved today for my husband woke me up with a kiss.
I loved today for I got to dance with little miss Afton.
I loved today for I got to clean up Hudson's barf after he ate dog food.
I loved today for I could give to someone who showed up at my door asking for a donation.
I love today for I will be able to laugh when my husband gets mad at me for that "donation" and say's it was a scam.
I loved today for I was able to wake up before the kids and read my scriptures.
I loved today for I got to kiss my kids "ouchies" better.
I loved today for a clean house.
I loved today for my gratitude for the Savior.
I loved today for I got to live another day.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

High School Memories

My fabulous friend, Holly, and I went to see High School Musical 3 last night. Our friend Carlee's famous little sis, Hailey, is in the movie. We tried to act like that was the only reason we were going. But I think Hailey, or no Hailey, we were both going to see it. Not only did we make sure to walk real close to the youngins (so it looked as if we were taking our little sisters) but we giggled like little school girls through out the whole movie. With us being friends from high school we found ourselves talking about all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) memories. I guess I thought once I graduated high school, I would never think about it again. But really that is not the case. I have so many great memories of my school days and all the great people I met and the many lessons learned. Here are just a very few of those people and memories.

Julie: Oh where do I start with 20 years behind us? I remember the first time going camping with your family, and you, Jade, and myself running from the rangers. They finally found where our camp was and told your parents we were throwing rocks at cars. Whoops:( I remember the first, and every sleep over after, your parents had to come in and tell us to be quiet because we were being too loud. I remember first grade when we became instant friends. I remember getting ready for my first high school dance at your house. I remember the first time your parents left you guys home alone and the boys snuck into your house and lit candles every where so when we got home we thought your house was on fire. Even though we got many pay backs in, they were always one up on us:0(

-Laura: Remember when we got in a car accident? I should have milked that more... I remember that if anyone messed with your girls, you had our back no matter what. I remember you would do anything for anyone. Oh and tell the parents thanks for all the free meals at hidden valley!

Lindsey: Do you remember going power boxing with Julie, Ashley Bringhurst and myself every school night for like three weeks in a row until Blake caught us and our under cover car was revealed. We thought we were the biggest rebels.

Hols: I remember spending every day together and my brothers being so nervous we were going to grow up to be lesbian lovers. I remember laughing so hard on several occasions that one of us (don't worry, I won't tell who) would end up peeing their pants:) Cheesecake factory, Vegas, sledding, and baby motorcycles ring a bell??? I remember sneaking out of your house and me being so scared we were going to get caught.

P.S- Mom & Dad that was the one.....okay, maybe twice and only time...s, I ever snuck out. I never did pick up on your son Cortney's habit where he would come home and check in and then leave again.

joci- Remember all the bon fires at your house? Remember how we would always get dressed up and take pictures. Remember when your nanny would take us toilet papering? Remember when your dad took a bunch of us to Lake Mead and in the middle of the night the boys got all of us to believe there was a murderer walking around the camp grounds??? Oh the nieveness....

- Ashley Engar: Remember when you, Julie, Carlee and I went to Flaming Gorge and we accidentally walked into someone Else's camp and you kept falling. We couldn't stop laughing. I am sure they all thought you were drunk. Were you???

-AshLee: Junior Basketball. You were FIERCE!!! I remember you almost got in a fight with a girl because she fouled one of our friends.

-Rach: Do you remember when your parents rented all of us a limo for your birthday and we went cruisin down town with Lacey singing ghetto cowboy (still don't know how she got that down word for word). Oh and who could forget us getting pulled over by that stupid swear word of a cop because I stuck my head out the top of the limo.

Lacey: I remember you driving Holly and me down the St. George Blvd. for spring break and..... we will end there. I remember you always being the voice of reason (and singing ghetto cowboy).

-Carlee: Remember when I told my mom I was sleeping at your house and you told yours you were sleeping at my house and instead we went up to a cabin for a co-ed slumber. My mom called your house to ask me when I was going to be home and that's when the (insert explicit word) hit the fan. Typical high school story, right?. I always loved talking to you about stuff because you always had good advice.

-Shanna: Do you remember us getting all decked out in army gear to go toilet papering way too often?

-Brooke: Remember having math together??? We would grab every assignment out of the basket and copy it. How did we ever pass that class? Oh wait..... we didn't.

Remember in St. George all of us girls got matching shirts with different numbers on them and walked the Blvd. Laaaaaame......... But so FUN!

- Adam Bradley: I remember you singing me a song in front of your whole class. I was so embarrassed. I remember having Keyboard class with you and Kevin and you getting in trouble A LOT. Who knew I would only be lucky enough to have you as my brother-in-law just a few short years later.

Cortney: Do you remember when we slept at a cabin (refer to the story above with Carlee) with all our friends and and mom and dad got mad at me and not you? Do you remember me tagging along with you every where you went because I had crushes on all your friends? Do you remember how my kids wont leave you alone because they are so obsessed with you? Do you remember when you made my day, year, life, by proposing to one of my best friends? Do you remember how I call you any time I need advice for anything? Do you remember how we have grown to be best friends?

Brandon: Even though we didn't go to high school together you played a big part in those days, mainly scaring all the boys away. I remember you teaching me how to ride a bike. I remember you were so protective of me. I remember being a cool sister because I would cover for you all the time. I remember being scared to death when you would drive me places. I remember us laughing so hard on our cruise that mom, dad, and cort were so embarrassed. I remember karate kicking you in the stomach when you broke my watch. I remember you coming to all my dance, cheer, softball, basketball, or whatever I was doing and supporting me. I remember that you have the most darling little family and are a great brother and friend!

Miah: Remember that I was just going to write cute things about you but you just splashed cold water on me for the tenth time today so now I'm not talking to you.....unless you go make me those cookies I have been wanting:).

Monday, November 3, 2008

HaPpY HaLloWeEn

My cute friend Julie took these Halloween pics of the kids. Thanks Ju for taking the time to do that. Your the best!