Monday, July 20, 2009

Beloved Pioneer's

The husband and I were asked to give a talk in sacrament yesterday on our beloved Pioneer's. We came across many inspirational stories and are amazed with what they had to go through. I have so much respect and admiration for the courage, the faith, and the will power of these wonderful people. I hope we can all learn from them and their happy spirits despite adversity.

It is good to look to the past to gain appreciation for the present and perspective for the future. It is good to look upon the virtues of those who have gone before, to gain strength for whatever lies ahead. It is good to reflect upon the work of those who labored so hard and gained so little in this world, but out of whose dreams and early plans, so well nurtured, has come a great harvest of which we are the beneficiaries. Their tremendous example can become a compelling motivation for us all, for each of us is a pioneer in his own life, often in his own family, and many of us pioneer daily in trying to establish a gospel foothold in distant parts of the world.

-President Hinckley


Ashley and Ezra said...

Erin, you have such a strong testimony and love for the gospel, I'm so glad that you were able to share just a liitle bit of it in your ward giving a talk! You are so amazing!

Nicole said...

Good job on your talk Erin :) Let us know when you guys aren't busy with scripture study and family home evening so we can have you over for dinner. You can bring some sort of apricot dessert!

QAE said...

Talks were great.... Remember those crossing the plains, but can't give a shout out to your entire family living on the estate... :)

Erin Bradley said...

Quinn- I just didn't want give away your secret location. What would I do without my stable boy....i can't stand to risk it:)