Monday, June 23, 2008

CrUiSe To BaHaMaS

My husband's work is the one who put the cruise together so we owe a big thanks to them! There were almost 600 people from all over the world from his company.

This stop was the Atlantis Resort in Bahamas. It was our favorite place!!!

Here I am dancing with my new Latin Lover.

My sister-in-law Julie works with Miah so she and my Brother Brandon were on the cruise too. We had so much fun hanging out with them.

Me and sis-in-law Julie. I love, love, love her. I had so much fun being crazy together. We sang karaoke and stayed up late dancing pretty much every night. I kind of felt like a teenager again.

Mine and Julie's new friend, Ramsey.

Here are the boys playing an intense game of Volleyball.

I must say the highlight of the trip was meeting so many great people. Here are of few pictures of some of the friends we met.

Miah and his new buddies from Spain.