Saturday, August 23, 2008

Half Marathon-Part two

Yesterday I finally ran the half marathon that I have been partly excited for and partly dreading. Surprisingly I enjoyed it (I know, the fact that I even finished it is surprising) and even finished ahead of my goal time. I must say though I'm pretty glad it's over. Those 4:30 training mornings were starting to get real old.

Thanks to my awesome bro. for being a good sport and letting me talk him into running it with me. Of course he kicked my trash but it was fun to train with him.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Precious gift of FaMiLy

Today has been one of those days where I am just overwhelmed with gratitude for all that my Heavenly Father has blessed me with. Most of all the precious gift an eternal family. I absolutely love being a mother and wife. I am so grateful for a loving and wonderful husband and two sweet, beautiful, healthy children. I truly feel like I could stay home and play with my kids every day for the next million years and it would never get old. I cherish every moment with them.

Afton is the sunshine in my life! She has been the happiest child since she was born. I really don't think I have ever had a hard day with her. She is my little shadow and best little friend. She was born on my birthday and we have shared a special bond ever since. I am so grateful for her sweetness in my life!!!!!

Hudson is definitely all boy. He is very rough but almost impossible to get mad at because he starts giving loves or kisses as soon as he does something bad (usually biting). He makes me laugh everyday and is such a bright face to wake up to every morning. I have such a crush on this kid!!!

Poor Adley is usually at the receiving end of his biting obsession

Then there is Miah. He treats me with such respect and I truly have become such a better person since he came into my life. He is the kindest and most patient husband in the world (not that I ever try his patience:). We have so much fun as a family!!!