Monday, November 15, 2010

pure sweetness

I truly, truly adore this boy.

If I could only count how many times a day I laugh at something he says....or kiss his adorable face.

Today he asked me if he could please break the t.v and jump through it so he can get the "awesome" toys.

It got me wondering what he wanted for Christmas, so I asked him, and his reply......"a motorcycle that you can make go with a remote control." After he says this, he stops for a second, and then adds, and a picture of Bunny in heaven. That's when the tears came.

Miah and I can't get enough of him right now. He is so sweet, cuddly, calm (unless he has his cousins or uncles to hyper him up), and just so very lovable!!!

I can keep going.

Yesterday, Afton was saying to Hudson, "Mom is so weird", (why would she say such a thing???:), luckily my boy had my back and said, "nah-uh Afton, Mom is beautiful." There are very few days I don't hear him tell me or Afton that we are pretty or beautiful.

If he is in another room he will come in just to tell me he loves me every so often and then go back to what he was doing.

He adores his sister and she often bribes him with, "if you don't play this with me, you won't be my favorite brother." It gets him every time.

I could gush about him all day, but instead, I'm just going to go kiss his cute little face.

Hud's, thanks for brightening my day, every day!


Lindsey Sharp said...

oh my gosh what a sweet sweet boy! You will be so glad you wrote all this down!

The Neilson Family said...

That is so cute Er! Hudson you are the best brother ever! I am going to call you tomorrow!!

laura n. said...

i love that boy. can't wait to smother him this weekend . xoxo

Julie said...

I adore him too!!! He was just heaven sent..

Jamie said...

Erin...congrats on little baby Wyatt!! And your little Hudson...oh my goodness, what a cute little boy!