Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mattman and Run for Bun

Jeremiah's family has been through so much in the past 5 years; with a sister who was re-diagnosed with a brain tumor (but is doing very well now), a mom diagnosed with a terminal disease, a scare with kidney failure on the cowboy's little guy, beautiful Bunny's passing, and now with Matt's cancer. Really, I am so impressed with this family and the way they have dealt with everything that has come their way. They inspire me!

I couldn't ask for better in-laws. I could hang out with them every day, they are so fun! (and completely inappropriate:)

This guy is amazing! Due to a very aggressive cancer that was found in his foot, he just recently (about 4 weeks ago) had to have his leg amputated just below the knee. (for some good writing and great inspiration go to his blog.) We have all been so worried about him, but he has handled it with the best of attitudes. From day one he has been joking and laughing about it. I couldn't be more impressed with his attitude!

Hudson thinks Matt is the coolest! He will hop around on one leg and say "look Mom, I'm super strong like Mattman." And now every time we talk about being tough, his reply is always "but not as tough as Mattman." Or, I will see him with a stick pretending it's a crutch and he will be telling Afton to call him Mattman. It's pretty adorable! Another reason Matt's a-okay- he puts up with us jamming to Justin Bieber on our car rides to his work......i think for Matt, this could possibly be more excruciating then the
phantom pains.

Also, there will be a 5k run for bunny (oct. 9) and silent auction & dinner (oct.8) held in behalf of our much missed Bunny. Go here for all the details.

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Andrea and Kent said...

Oh my gosh! Like the Bradley's haven't had enough heartache. I swear some families just have one trial after another. You're so sweet and thoughtful. I'm sure you are a blessing to all of your in-laws. You look adorable- definitely pregnant, but so adorable. With you it's all belly and tiny everywhere else. We wish you the best with labor, delivery and a new addition! Can't wait to see pictures.