Monday, August 2, 2010

These are the days

I often think about how one day my kids will be all grown up, and I won't be able to snuggle them anytime I want.

It makes me so sad.

I try to take full advantage of it.

Some may say a little too much, as the kids just recently moved out of our bed and on to the floor next to our bed.

And, if one of them is taking a nap, I can't help but cuddle up next to them and think about how these days don't last long.

(This little one loves to play wedding. And I get teary eyed almost every time she does.)

Today me and my bff were at lunch, kids running around driving us crazy.

And some lady stopped us and told us to cherish these times.

Her kids were all grown up and she was saying how she would trade us in a second.

I am grateful for her reminder.

These really are the days, may we all cherish them!!


laura n. said...

so sweet - you are a great example of a mom who truly cherishes her kids. miss you!! XOXO said...

Cute pictures! I love this post.. I always have a "check list" that is a mile long. This is a good reminder to cherish every moment with Whit!

The Neilson Family said...

I am sure I will feel the same way. You are a wonderful mommy! I am so glad you live next to my mother in law. I love seeing you and your cute family!!

Julie said...

You are just the cutest mom! I always learn so much from you. I am glad that lady stopped and told us that. What a great reminder to hear that once in a while!
Love you.

angi bradley said...

I remember thinking you were crazy to have Afton in your bed when she was little, but now we have all five of us in bed sometimes... so nice to sleep next to monkeys as they sleep so soundly. Love and miss you!