Wednesday, April 28, 2010

another birthday shared,

another birthday enjoyed.

(my parent's think it's quite humorous that i used to demand a birthday week, and now i really don't have one at all.)

truth is, i'm more than happy to share such a special day with such a sweet girl.

and am grateful for a sweet hubby that makes sure I feel special on this day as well.

afton definitely takes after ME in the "milk your birthday for all it's worth" department.

all day it was.... "i can't believe your asking me to clean on MY birthday" or "are you really going to get mad at me on MY birthday?"

she is a bit of a dramatic one.

but i sure adore her and love to hang out with this little girl.

she is so fun!

i love you afty, and feel so blessed to be your mom.


Lindsey Sharp said...

So cute Erin! Happy Birthday to you both!!!

Ashley Blackburn said...

Happy bday friend! I need to take you dinner to celebrate.

anna said...

Happy Birthday Erin and Afton! Love you guys!

angi bradley said...

I love that she's such a little sass. Cass can't wait to see his brother, Hudson. Are you guys around next week?

Ashley and Ezra said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It's kinda sad how birthdays become just a regular day once we "grow up" I hate it! At least you can celebrate with such a cute little girl!