Friday, March 6, 2009


I was very surprised today to get on my blog and see that an IMPOSTOR had gotten on and written some very false information below under the title "Evil or Just Not Nice". I know that none of you fell for it and know that I am not THAT cruel.

So for THE REAL story; Yes my husband has been sick and yes I felt bad for him the FIRST ten days he coughed his brains out in my ear while I was trying to sleep. We are now going on 2 weeks and MAYBE I am a bit sick of him being sick. I know all you girls can sympathize with me on this one........sorry men (I should probably refer to them as BOYS on this subject), but the cold hard facts are YOU ARE BABIES WHEN YOU ARE SICK!!!

When the IMPOSTOR wrote that I tried to kick him out of bed that was not ENTIRELY true. He and his friends had a guys night out so the kids and I fell asleep in my bed watching a movie. He didn't get home until 12:30 and let me just say.... not gracefully so. He was LOUD and turned all the lights on and yes of course the coughing...... ALWAYS the coughing. Needless to say he successfully woke all of us up, even the Neilson's who live next door. So I KINDLY hinted that it would be a lot easier for one person to sleep else where than for the three of us to have to move. Somehow he missed (or just rudely ignored) my KIND hint, so sure enough I had to take both kids upstairs and sleep the three of us on a little twin sized bed. What a wife.....RIGHT???

I do love my IMPOSTOR /Husband(even if he did change my password on my blog so I couldn't erase his post, gosh I didn't even know he knew we had a blog), cough, or no cough!.....Preferably no cough.

I am really starting to think that the whole what goes around comes around is for real. I have been COUGHING the whole time while writing this post.


Jodie said...

Whoops! That's even MORE funny. I SO understand what you mean about being sick of your hubby being sick. Bennett did the same thing in February - the coughing and all. I tried to be helpful and understanding, but by the second week, my patience and sympathy was definitely waning. So...sorry for somewhat believing that last post, sorry you've had a sick husband, and even more sorry you're taking a turn at coughing your brains out!

Jocelyn said...

That's funny! I can't believe he posted that. Chad posted something on my blog one time, I had to hurry and erase it before anyone saw it, it was embarissing. I HATE when Chad is sick. It's like taking care of 3 kids, but worse because he is the more needy one. What is it about men when they are sick?! I feel for ya! So sorry that now you have a cough.

Lets get together next week. I'll call ya monday to see what your plans are.

The Neilson Family said...

Erin this is so funny! I totally agree with you that men are total BABIES when they are sick! Does your husband do the sigh??? Mine does and that sure gets old! Hopefully you all start feeling better. I think I remember Debbie telling me she woke up the other night from some weird noise coming from your house!!!! See you soon!

abbie higginson said...

Erin, Erin, Erin! Have you ever heard the saying, "If you can't say anything nice, go sit by Abbie!" Well girl, here I am! I have all kind of mean, evil tricks up my sleve that I'll be more than happy to pass along to you! By the way, they are all tried, true and tested by yours truely and Jeff! They all work great! :)

Lindsey Sharp said...

that is hilarious!! Erin you are awesome! We have all been there girl! Lets get together! I know Afton and Avery would have so much fun!

QAE said...

Erin. Next time you and Jerry have a "disagreement" you can send the kids up to the barn so it isn't so awkward for the rest of us. Ha ha ha :) Despite being snubbed your friendship cake, I have some for you guys.

Ashley Engar said...

That is hilarious!! Especially after our conversation on Wednesday.

Love you and I LOVE that we hung out. We need to more often.