Friday, February 20, 2009

Disney Cruise

My amazing father-in-law paid for the whole family (that's 30 of us), minus the much missed Matt, to go on a Disney cruise. It was great having everything targeted towards kids. Afton ate it all up and loved every minute of it....... Hudson on the other hand was a monster the whole time. He got sick the first night there which meant no sleep for our family or the family members who roomed next to us..... Sorry Adam, Angi, Seth and Megan.

Highlights of the trip were;

Princesses galore and Minnie & Mickey a plenty.

Warm sun basking weather.

Delicious food!

Spending time with my much cooler sister-in-laws.

Watching all the kids having so much fun together.

ALL of little Bill's kisses.

My charming husband rocking the shuffle board tournament.

My charming husbands awesomeness on the volleyball court.

Aunt Niki keeping the kids entertained in the shows with her stashes of candy.

Watching Clare dance

When Cassidy (who is only 3) was talking on the phone and he says "I'm a mean son of a B***h". Love that kid

The Cowboy eating half a farm each night we were there. (Maybe that should go in the category below.)

Lowlights, or frankly things I would rather forget all together;

When Hudson ran out of the elevator so I had to run out and get him. Meanwhile the doors are shutting on Afton and being the sensible mother that I am, I froze. I could hear her crying hysterically but it was getting quieter and quieter as the elevator moves farther and farther up. I finally "unfroze" and realized that if I run up the stairs the elevator is bound to stop at one point. Apparently I reached the floor she had stopped on just a little too late (no thanks to the couple of minutes I sat there with my hand over my mouth as I stared at the elevator in awe). Luckily I saw the girls husband that had found her. She told me her husband had taken Afton to the child care center, but when I went to pick her up, she was gone. They told me that a guy with curly hair and earrings had come and got her. The panic set in again since I don't know anyone of that description. Long story short, my hero brother-in-law Seth was the one who found her. How that girl thought he had curly hair and an earring is a mystery. Maybe she was awe struck by his handsomeness and lost all sense accuracy.

When Cowboy pulled a stunt not mentionable on the beach and my husband spent the rest of the night gagging and scrubbing, scrubbing and gagging.

My charming husband NOT rocking the ping-pong table.

When Hudson threw up all over the dinner table.

When Hudson threw up in the elevator. (Between Afton's elevator experience and this one, I think our family will be taking the stairs from now on).

When Hudson threw up in the middle of a show. I feel just a little bit bad saying this...but at least it was Miah who was holding the kid every time he barfed.

When I challenged the Cowboy to a ping-pong game and I thought I was doing really well until he said, "Oh don't get too cocky, I'll switch to my RIGHT hand before I let you beat me". How did I not notice he had been playing with his LEFT hand???

When I ran into my bro-in-law Luke while looking for the gym and he laughed. It was then that I realized that we were on day 5 and I had not moved a muscle..... except to eat.

When we spent All day in the airport while the rest of the family made it home in a comfortable couple hour flight. We had 3 cancelled flights and 1 delayed. I ended up missing one of my best friends weddings:(


Jodie said...

Sounds like fun...up until you keep mentioning Hudson throwing up! How NOT fun was that for you guys?! Geeze - better luck next time.

Lety said...

Jeez You guys are spoiled! I don't think we'll make it to Disneyland any time soon... maybe before our kids turn 20! Such cute pictures. That was so funny how Afton got stuck in the elevator!

Laura said...

oh, er-bear...i have to admit i was laughing all the way through your post. the next time you go on vacation, you should take me as your you sister. xoxo

Heather said...

Hey! I'm training for a half-marathon that's in March right now. When I'm done I'll probably jump into the WB training. I'm so glad your doing it!!!!! I'm slow lately. ha! I need to step it up a notch.

Your trip looks fun!!

Lety said...

Erin it was fun the other night! Our new blog address is

Ashley and Ezra said...

Okay I want to go on a Disney Cruise... I heard those are thee best cruises ever! Jealous! Loved spending the day with you on Saturday, we need to get together more... learn sewing etc!

fatguyonalittlebike said...

I still can't believe trigger peed on miah's foot. oops, have i said too much?