Sunday, April 27, 2008

After Miah took us to breakfast we took Afton to build-a-bear. We had so much fun watching her. Of course she had to dress it in princess clothes.

Later that night my cute, cute dad paid for all the girls to go get pedicures. My favorite part of the whole thing was on our way there when I asked Afton if she knew what a pedicure was. She said "Yeah, it's a sandwich." It might not have been as good as a sandwich but I think she had fun anyway.

To top the day off Afton's uncle, Cortney, and her new best friend, Lala, decided it was time for us to start a farm. They surprised us with a miniature bunny and 6 chicks!

Don't be surprised if from here on out I just blog about Peter (that's what Afton named the bunny). The kids are old news now.


millisue said...

Oh my... Happy Birthday! More like princess Erin :) ... you got hooked up! Your little girl is going to be a heart breaker when she is older! She is so pretty! Its fun checking in on you... tell your brothers I said hi!

Mandy & Colby said...

Happy Birthday AFton! Erin I love your hair!!!

adam and angi bradley said...

I love it! Happy Birthday Afton-bug and Erdawg. We love you guys!