Saturday, February 9, 2008


Cute Lacey tagged me, so I have tell a little about my hubby. Embrace yourselves, were pretty exciting!

About my man........
What is his name? Jeremiah Stewart Bradley
How long have you been married? 5, and may I add, blissful years.
How long did you date? A year and 2 days.
How old is he? Old, 28.
Who eats more sweets? Um, definitely me.
Who said I love you first? Miah
Who is taller? Miah
Who can sing better? Miah
Who is smarter? Once again, Miah.
Who does laundry? I wish I could put Miah again but I'll take this one.
Who pays the bills? Miah makes the money and I make sure it's dispersed properly.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? This is kind of a sensitive subject. You see, we both like that side of the bed, but I think we have finally come to a very fair agreement. I get it!
Who mows the lawn? If I can beat him to it, me. I love to mow the lawn.
Who cooks dinner? Nobody. Poor kids.
Who drives? Miah
Who is more stubborn? I don't know. Neither of us are very stubborn.
Who asked who out first? We got set up. Thanks Ashley and Colby!
Who proposed? Miah.
Who has more siblings? Miah.
Who wears the pants? That probably depends on who you ask. I like to think we are pretty even.
I tag Mandy Engar , Ashley Lee and Laura and Ash (just put each other in place of husband)


Laura and Ashley said...

I must are getting really good at this whole blogging thing. I'm impressed. I miss you. Love you!! Laura

Jolley Family said...

Erin... first of all, you and your family are SO CUTE! I miss you, and I'm so glad you started a blog because now I can keep up with you!!! Secondly, you are so freakin' tiny... did you really have 2 kids or did you adopt! Good job! Thirdly, I can't believe your baby is 1 already and I've never met him... crazy! We aren't coming in town until May but we need to get everyone together. I miss you... did I already say that! Tell Miah hi!

Chris and Julie said...

Yeah you started a blog! I am impressed you did a great job! Not that I knew you wouldn't, but I thought you might have gotten discouraged with the whole computer thing.

Carlee said...

Erin! You are impressing me every day with your sweet computer skills..You kids are getting sooo big. When are you going to leave town so I can babysit them??

Anika said...

Hi Erin! I found your blog through the Odom's. Your family is so cute! Our blog is keep in touch! Love, Anika

Jamie and Covie Gonzales said...

Yes Erin. I am so excited you have a blog. I hope you can make it on Saturday.

britney said...

hello erin this is britney your kids so cute now i can see what you are doing my blog is i would love to hear from you. i am going to add you right now
britney (lund) kerekes

millisue said...

Erin, its your long lost 7th grade pal! How are you, i'm so excited to see you in this world. You have the cutest kids, I didn't know you had another one. Oh and how the heck is Brandon, don't think I've seen him since his wedding day! You guys look so good, its way fun running into you on this. Keep in touch.
ps this is Milli he he!

Tamara Jacobs said...

Hi Erin! It's Tamara...I saw your blog link on Julie's. Your family is so beautiful, and your kids have the cutest names. Me and Todd have always loved the boy name Hudson.

Anika said...

Erin- we moved to Sandy where the gravel pit used to be. It's now a development called Quarry Bend. We love it! We're finally getting settled. It was good to hear from you. Your kids are so cute!!!

Jolley Family said...

Erin, send me your email, we are going private... there are psycho's out there... come to my blog, it explains everything! Also, I need an update from you :)

Jamie said...

Hi Erin!! Me and Julie were playing the old school Nintendo tonight, and she was telling us about how you and her used to play 007 all the time....just a random memory!......I'm so excited you started a blog!
Ours is
PS Tell Cort hi, and Brandon, and Cary, and Diane!

britney said...

hey erin its britney again we do need to catch up so next time you guys get together really call me ok

Chris and Julie said...

Hey, I tagged you...check my blog for details.

Laura and Ashley said... bout you start blogging again?